Breast Pumps and Maternity Products

Medela brand retail pumps.


Pump in Style* Advanced

Pump in Style Advanced in the backpack or tote. Double electric breastpump with 2-phase expression technology proven to produce more milk in less time. Daily use- designed for moms who pump several times a day.

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Same 2-phase technology as the Pump in Style Advanced in the Metro bag with removable pump standard amenities and 2 sets of breastshields included 24 mm and 27mm.

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Compact and lightweight, comes with convenient rechargeable battery. The deluxe set includes cooler bag, carry tote & additional storage bottles.

The Affordable Care Act requires for most insurance policies to pay for all or some of the breast pump
and supply needs. This means you may have little or no out of pocket costs.

Insurance billable and rental pumps as well.

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Medela Insurance Starter Kit


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Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump

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